UV Oligomer for VM topcoat


Product description:

Product description W4010 is an aliphatic polyurethane acrylate with high abrasion resistance, high hardness, good toughness and good yellowing resistance, which is especially suitable for Vacuum Plating top coating,plastic coatings,parquet flooring coating and ink.

Product Type Aliphatic Polyurethane Acrylate
Product code W4010
Solid Content 100%
Main properties Excellent abrasion resistance 
Fast curing speed
Good yellowing resistance and weatherability
High hardness
High cross-linking and toughness
Application areas

UV plastic coatings

UV parquet flooring coating

UV Vacuum Plating

UV ink


Main Property :

UV Oligomer for VM topcoat  W4010

Main Application:
Cosmetic bottle(VM  top coat)

UV Oligomer for VM topcoat  W4010
Mobile phone

UV Oligomer for VM topcoat  W4010
UV 3C coating
UV Oligomer for VM topcoat  W4010





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