Solution for UV Hot melt acrylic adhesive: H7040


Application: Duct tape PET/BOPP tape PVC wire harness tape Personal hygiene product Label

Solution for UV conformal coating 2 functional PUA with NCO content: W23962


Performance: 600~800 mj UV curing (Tacky free) ->RT moisture 3~5 days curing Extraordinary flexibility at high temperature Excellent adhesion on metal Good weatherability Dual-cure (UV and moisture)

Solution for UV gel: 6 functional PUA: LED9500


Performance: Excellent transparency Super low shrinkage rate Best surface & through cure under LED curing, especially at 365nm Remarkably reduce the dosage of PI

Solution for LED Inkjet Ink: Mono functional polyurethane acrylate: W520


Application: LED inkjet ink UV plastic coating UV wood coating UV non solvent spray coating

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